WIENCHAIN A Global decentralized autonomous organization

Wienchain is an open business and incubation ecosystem on the Blockchain. It is designed as a low friction protocol everyone can build on. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and teams can establish and run their businesses on Wienchain. Businesses are incentivized as they can participate in an open, public funding and proposal system. Anyone can pitch their ideas and ask for funds in the form of WIEN coins to realize it, but they have to decide what to ask for and what to give back in return.
Wienchain is a platform for entrepreneurs, freelancers and all owners of ready-made business solutions who wholeheartedly want to implement modern blockchain technology in their internal and external processes. But due to the lack of necessary technical and financial data, they cannot afford it. And with Wienchain, this whole process is not only feasible, but also entails many other pleasant reasons. Starting with saving resources, ending with pleasant rewards.

That is, if you have some cool idea that requires modern decentralized blockchain technology, then you can easily voice your idea by sending this proposal to The wienchain proposal system. Then get feedback on the idea from the Wienchain community itself, which will be held in the form of a vote of participants. And then get either partial (step-by-step) or continuous funding for your startup. As you can see, the chain of logical actions is quite simple. Therefore, each of us can deal with it.

The advantages of Wienchain do not end there. On the contrary, for all its supporters who decided to take a direct part in the development of the ecosystem itself, becoming a miner or a masternode, the developers have prepared a lot of pleasant things. Namely, all possible rewards and available levels of authority that allow you to directly ensure the security of the network, as well as make decisions in the distribution of funds and support of all transactions.

Mining and Masternode

If in a nutshell to describe each direction within the Wienchain system. The mining Itself is based on the POW algorithm and The latest x16rv2 hashing algorithm. Thanks to this, the Wien system will be able to support both processor and graphics mining, while receiving up to 21% of profit in the form of remuneration for each Wien Block.

Masternodes play an equally important role in the entire Wienchain ecosystem. Not only that, they are responsible for the security, smoothness and speed of all data transfer. They also have the right to vote, which allows them to play an important role in the development and management of Wienchain. At the same time, please note that masternodes receive the highest percentage of remuneration from the block reward, which is almost 50%.

That is, the layer of information that I told you about is not all that is in Wienchain. Therefore, to study all its aspects in more detail, I invite you to look at the expanses of official social resources from the project itself. Where you in one way or another will get the most detailed answer to any of your questions.
Official resources of the Wienchain project:


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