Cowrium: A Multidimensional Blockchain & Smart Contract Innovation driven by Cowrie | Masternode

What is Cowrium Platform

Cowrium platfrom they have a coin the name is Cowrie coin and this coins is official cryptocurrency on cowrium platform and is can effective on the platform to controling the all interaction in the platform with high tech blockchain technology .

Do you want to know Cowrium use 2 HOP network to controling the miner identify block and record transactions so this is make all user on the platform as well and comfortable. and the security transaction is very well .

And do you know on Cowrium we can mining with Mobile Mining as a support system for CPU and GPU miners . and all mining system all protect . and transparency.

All Feature completed guys see on Cowrium they offering Masternodes, The Cowrium POS Masternodes lets to know in there providees to the network instant and secure control payment is very well . all holder CWR get earn fixed reward in staking . and this is very comfortable .

Cowrium’s mission

To make the adoption of blockchain easier, faster and more profitable for small businesses & companies worldwide, and to make Cowrium / Cowrie a household name globally.

Cowrium Blockchain Project:

-The Cowrium Project consists of the following 5 entities:

-Multidimensional smart contracts

-Cowrie — mass-oriented cryptocurrency

-CowDEX — A very safe decentralized exchange

-ErrandBoy — A DAP that lets you send cryptos & receive them in Fiat

  • Cowrie Stability AI — Artificial intelligence systems that can predict markets and help suggest predictable solutions — while buffer systems help stabilize Cowrie and protect it from market volatility.

Cowern Masternode!

This provides the security, speed, and anonymity that is needed for processing payments and digital transactions through the Cowrium network.

The betting system of the Cowrium blockchain will allow existing CWR holders to get annual fixed income in the form of rewards, in return for their contribution to maintaining network security. In addition to VPN-based Masternodes, users can also engage in web and mobile CWR coin bets.

Staking system of Cowrium blockchain is can make enable CWR holder to earn fixed , and get income yearly in the form reward so this is make all holder comfortable. and maintain is very well . and we can in web or mobile for staking CWR .

Lets to follow the step by step .

Detail of TokenSale :

  • Tokensale running from Jan 01 , 2020 (00:01 AM UCT )
  • Tokensale end May 30 , 2020 ( 11:59 PM UCT )

Token for sale is 1,000,000,000 CWRX
Price of token : 1 CWR : 0.075$
Accept : BTC , ETH , LTC , USD ,NGN

Distribution of token :

Detail of Team

  • Emmanuel Haastrup , Founder ,Chief Conductor
  • Praveen Dagdi , Product Manager
  • Deepanshu Bhatt , Chief Marketing Officer
  • Shobhit Sharma , Lead Blockchain Development
  • Priyanka Chouhan , Lead Business Development
  • Aanuoluwapo Awesome , Lead Community Development
  • Kshama Verma , Lead Backend Devs , API , NODEs
  • Pedetin A . Obadimeji , Lead Legal

Advisor :

  • Chloe Khok , Process & Training
  • Oluyinka Tanimowo , Technology
  • Bado Faisal , Business Development
  • Marina Sokolova , Business Development

Official Link of Cowrium :

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