BitHub Network

BitHub Network

BitHub leverages the best international practices in crypto lending, social trading and digital asset management to create an accessible and secure investment experience. Our products are simple enough to use even for beginner investors with no prior cryptocurrency experience.

An in-house team of top-tier risk managers constantly monitors the trading and lending platforms to ensure the optimal risk-ROI ratio for BitHub investors. All the loans are secured by a large collateral, which can be instantly liquidated by our asset protection team to ensure the safety of your investment.
Our 8 investment plans differ in terms of duration, minimum and maximum investment amount and profit rate. Some of them yield a profit hourly, other daily. Some count the validity period in calendar days, others in business days. In general, we suggest that you first decide how much you want to invest. The threshold for our budget plans is just 0.005 BTC. To see how much you will earn with each plan, use the profit calculator in the Make a Deposit section.

It’s a well-known fact that up to 95% of beginner traders lose money on crypto exchanges. A further 90% of IEO investors suffer losses, too. BitHub is a secure alternative to either. It also yields a higher ROI that most popular crypto lending platforms, both DeFi and centralized. You can further increase your earnings by joining our 2-level referral program.

BitHub Network adheres to the strictest principles of transparency and legality. The investment platform is registered and licensed in the UK and operates in full accordance with the UK law.


BitHub Network is a cryptocurrency lending, social trading and digital asset management network to create an affordable and secure investment experience in the crypto business. Only trusted traders can access the margin trading program. Investments are protected by a distributed pool network that is constantly monitored by our top managers team. All loans secured by a large pledge.

I want to thank you for an interesting project!This project has a great chance of success! Those who have not yet entered the bounty campaign of the project-come in, you will not regret it!
I really liked your project. Is it possible for me to become your regional ambassador without an active deposit. I just don’t have money right now, but there are referrals

Refferal link :

Bithub username : irfankhan2020

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Ameena Skiekh 2020

Ameena Skiekh 2020


Work in Emirates National Oil Company i am bitcoin trader also