It’s hard to ignore the fact that our world is currently on the verge of an environmental disaster. As much as we don’t want to deny it, our world needs a qualitative change with the help that the amount of emissions to the atmosphere and waste from human activities will be reduced. But so far, many countries have slowly but surely thought about it. Some fields of business and development do not have viable alternatives to continue their activities in the context of a more ecological direction.


And I’m talking of course about cryptocurrencies. In fact, few people know and understand that a huge amount of electricity is spent on the production of one bitcoin. Which is the sum for a year that exceeds the volume of energy consumption of the whole state? Such as Austria. Just think about it! To be honest, according to the calculations of many experts, the percentage of electricity consumption by cryptocurrencies was revealed throughout the world and it turned out to be a whole 1% of the total amount of electricity consumed by mankind. It’s incredible!

But it’s not just the fact that it’s a lot that’s surprising. And the fact that in most cases the energy that supplies this entire cryptographic mining process uses electricity, which is produced from non-renewable energy sources such as coal. And as you remember, when coal burns, it releases an incredible amount of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. Which in turn not only destroys our entire ozone layer of the atmosphere, opening space to cosmic radiation but also forms a greenhouse effect, thereby causing the same global warming. The consequences of which are faced by millions of people every year.

. Of course, it will be extremely difficult to solve all these problems overnight. But, nevertheless, the development team has found a way out of this situation and is ready to show us decent and most importantly environmentally friendly conditions for obtaining energy for mining absolutely any cryptocurrency. Interested to know the details? Then do not be distracted and read my review to the end!

The project I want to tell you about today is called ARC IRIS. And its most important goal is to replace existing harmful energy sources with cheaper and environmentally friendly ones. And the sun and water will help in all this business. Yes, you didn’t think so. In order to start a qualitative revolution in electricity, the synergy of these two resources will be needed with the help of which a specially designed hydrogen extraction device will be activated. Coal in its properties is not only an excellent source of energy but also 85% cheaper than its competitor’s coal and other non-renewable energy sources with which to produce electricity in the modern world.

. Thus, the founders of the ARC IRIS project intend to become leaders not only in the mining industry but also excellent partners with which many mining farms will be able to significantly reduce their costs, thereby not losing the productive capacity for mining the same Bitcoin and any other cryptographic token.

In addition to all the above features, ARC IRIS is ready to show us its computing cloud configured for the process of mining any cryptocurrency. At what here it is extremely important to note that this equipment is not only the tool for accumulation of the electric power but also represents the mining equipment with all following service. That is, the multi-installation developed by the team of founders of ARC IRIS is able to qualitatively replace for all participants of the mining industry, most of the expensive installations for which you need a special place and expensive equipment.

In addition to the fact that ARC IRIS offers its users equipment, so the project will also be available and it’s ACI token with which users will be able not only to purchase the equipment of the project. But also to pay for maintenance, as well as have a number of other advantages over those who do not have such coins in their wallet. If we touch on the topic of benefits, the founders of ARC IRIS guarantee a significant discount to all those users for the maintenance of their installations, who largely store some amount of internal ACI coins in their wallet.
In total, the developers plan to release 1 billion coins of them, only 60% will be available for public sales. The rest of the coins with an initial value of $0.1 will be distributed as follows (see figure):

All contracts and bonuses in this project are paid in ACI-Coins.
TOTAL-INVENTORY: 10 000 000 000
ICO-SUPPLY: 1 000 000 000
December 1 2019 — December 31 2019–1 ACI = $ 0.025
January 1, 2020 — January 31, 2020–1 ACI = $ 0.05
01 February 2020–29 February 2020–1 ACI = $ 0.06
March 1, 2020 — March 31, 2020–1 ACI = $ 0.07
01st April 2020 — April 30 2020–1 ACI = $ 0.08

With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.


The Iris Iris Hydrogen Team combines a passion for mining industry experience & proven track record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.


The official resources of the project ARC IRIS:




MY BITCOINTALK PROFILE LINK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1238493



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